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Women in Cryptocurrency


Women in Cryptocurrency

Women in Cryptocurrency

Women in Cryptocurrency

On Dec. 4, Bitcoin (BTC) fund operator Grayscale published the results of a study that showed 43% of respondents interested in BTC investments turned out to be women. Today, half of Binance’s employees are female — and in India, women make up the majority of crypto investors.

Does this mean that gender equality has come to the market? Or are cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology still a men’s business? On the eve of International Women’s Day, female representatives of the blockchain industry told Cointelegraph what attracted them to the market and which difficulties they have faced.

There is no place for women in the “Wild West”

Until 2018, the cryptocurrency industry was almost absent of women — but male crypto enthusiasts created their brotherhood with private conferences and meetups. At one such conference held in Japan in 2018, only two of the 42 participants were women. And in the United States, one conference was held at a strip club.

In general, the lack of women in the blockchain market — until 2018 — can be explained by the historical dominance of men in the tech, financial and scientific industries, whereas the number of women, although growing, is still far from being equal. In these areas, women compose 10%-30% of the total workforce.

This new financial world started out much like the old one did: male and white. In the early days of Bitcoin, for example, miners were disproportionately men who racked up much of the wealth. When it came time for these lucky few to reinvest in cryptocurrency development, the teams they built reflected the original gender disparity.

Stories of sudden wealth followed, solidifying a stereotype of what leaders in cryptocurrency looked like. “A lot of people say to me, ‘Why do you think there’s not a lot of women in Bitcoin, in blockchain?’” says Connie Gallippi, the founder of BitGive, the first nonprofit in Bitcoin. “I say, ‘Actually, there are. They’re just not given the same level of exposure or recognition.’ That’s the problem.”

Tavonia Evans, who worked in the tech industry for nearly 20 years before launching her own cryptocurrency, called $Guap, sees those women too and says they’re raising the bar because of how they’ve been held back in the past. “The crypto market is highly competitive at the moment with people fighting for influence,” she says. “The men I’ve observed vying for influence are not very tech-savvy at all. Women in tech, however, tend to overachieve, study more, and expand their expertise legitimately just so they can get in this space.”

CFD Traders On Instragram

Female Traders

Owner of Vision Life Consultancy based in London. A combined experience of over 12 years in the forex industry. We teach, train and mentor individuals to reach the heights of success through the Foreign Exchange markets.

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Part-time @Pipsrunner; Technical Analysis. Mission: I trade for my Family and Freedom.

Rezekifx is a female trader who is also a part-timer at Pipsrunner, a mobile trader page. She is talented and likes sharing her thoughts and trading tips on her IG page.

Dumb Bitch Trades

A ‘Dumb Bitch’ making #trading simple and sassy💃
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The list wouldn’t be complete without Natalie. If you’re already on this site, then no further introduction is needed!

The Forex Chick

Retired Register Nurse CEO OF ForexChick

This beautiful lady used to be a nurse but she decided to retire and become a trader to inspire other women. Follow her interesting life and tips on Forex on the link we left above. Her interesting activities may interest you into learning more about trade as well.

Shabs Fazl

Female Trader. London. Afghan. Aspiring To Inspire. Market Analyst at @everything_fx

Another beautiful lady of Afghan origin who lives in London and shares her ideas with her followers. On her Instagram you can also watch her own market news where she presents the caps on the last week and the week ahead. She is definitely one of the female traders you should check out!

Nicole Vieira

Trading & Trending. INVESTED in: Travelling, Learning, Earning, Myself. Get involved. DM me for info.

Nicole may seem young but she is an expert when it comes to trading! Just look at her IG posts, she shows how her company closes a consistent amount of profit almost every week. Her posts are also pretty and motivational so make sure to check her out.

Yamila Hernandez

Born in Miami, now living in London 🇬🇧. Market Analyst at @astroforex @everything_fx @cryptonary

Yamila Hernandez is one beautiful lady who is now London based and a market analyst at more than one company. Check out her profile to see her working etiquette.


FOREX TRADER. FOREX BUSINESS. POWERLIFTING. SPIRITUALITYSabina may look like a college student but she is a real Forex trader! She is also interested in spirituality and powerlifting, so her IG profile looks even more interesting. Make sure to check her out if you would like to learn more about trading but also follow her unique life.

Sophina Pius

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Sophia Rodrigues

F o r e x T r a d e r – @thepipsroom. Travelling & Trading. 🇪🇸Valencia

Sophia Rodrigues is a huge fan of traveling and she is currently based in Valencia. She is a famous Forex trader and as you can see she loves posting both pictures of her travel adventures and trading tips. If you want to learn more and join her club, make sure to follow @thepipsrooms as well.

Faye FX

Vegan, UK Based. Forex Trader

Faye is a cutie who is interested in veganism and she is also UK based. In order to learn more about her trading tips, join her online course but first send her a request on IG because her profile is private. She has almost 30k followers.

Mitchell Bryan

UNDISPUTED TRADER. Entrepreneur. Child of God | Mother | Trader. Forex Expert. Cryptocurrency Expert. 10years Experience

Mitchell’s profile is private too, but her fanbase is growing. Send her a request in order to learn more about her skills and crypto experience. She has more than 10 years of experience in this industry so she is no amateur.

Tracey Walker

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Tracey has almost 20k followers and the number is growing! She is a creator of another company that is becoming very popular and she is teaching people about Forex. Get her 1-Pg Trading Plan in order to learn more about how she honed her trading skills.


Beauty Influencer

This girl is only 23 but she is becoming one of the best known Forex traders online.  She is also a beauty guru who likes influencing people.


Aspiring #Forex Trader | London, UK | Work Hard, Stay Humble

Follow Hannah’s amazing trading journey on her Instagram profile, she may be only 21 but she has a large 17k following. She loves sharing tips so make sure to hit that follow button! Without doubt one of the most helpful female traders on Instragram.

Hither Mann

World’s FIRST Female Trader & Educator | Business Investor▪️M&As▪️IPOs | Founder @tradewithpanorama

This beautiful lady is one of the world’s first female traders. Now she is an educator who shares her trading journey with Instagram followers. Go follow her if you want to see what started it all!

Miss Bitqueen

Lady Trader & Investor | Crypto | Soul Reader | Astro Lover | Islands BALI ~ AUSTRALIA

Miss Bitqueen is a real lady trader who uses her skills to invest in beautiful travels. As you can see on her profile, she loves sharing about her adventures.

Sandra Wilson

Professional bitcoin analyst | Expert in Bitcoin #bitcoin | Bitcoin trader | Profit in 2, 5 and 8 days | 700+ global investors

Sandra is a professional bitcoin analyst who is an expert and trader. Her profile is private but she has more than 700 global investors so make sure to request to be one of her followers. She has a lot to show!

Melanie Galindo

I want to provide value to people’s lives. | L o s A n g e l e s | BEAUTY • FASHION • FOREX

Melanie is based in Los Angeles and even though she started as a beauty guru she is now a forex trader as well. You can check her out on her YouTube video to learn more about her.

Jennie Isani

Sell Bitcoin & Trade Cryptocurrencies

Jennie is an expert when it comes to buying and selling cryptocurrencies and she is slowly becoming one of the most influential IG female traders. DM her for more info!

Meghan Taylor

Financial consultant | Bitcoin Professional | Binary trade expert

If you are in need of a financial consultant, then look no further because Meghan is for you. Learn more about her experience by following her IG profile. No doubt a top female traders on Instragram.

Bitcoin Babe

Welcome to #bitcoinbabe Australian Based Bitcoin at its Best! ATM Cards | Book Cash Trades | Merchant Facilities | BUY and SELL Bitcoin

Bitcoin Babe releases motivational cards and tips on their IG profile but if you want more, you can go to their website and learn how to sell and buy bitcoin for real.

Bitcoin Bella

Twitter: @bitcoinbella_

Bitcoin Bella is a young girl who has been interested into crypto-assets ever since 2017. According to her, she experienced many ups and downs and decided to find a new way to learn money. That is when she entered a community of funny and intelligent people who got her interested in everything crypto. Now she is an educator who motivates people to learn.

Bitcoin Crypto Woman

BTC & Crypto Investor | Blockchain Expert @blockchainofficial | CryptocurrencyTraider | Warsaw / London / Miami  #lifestyle

This interesting girl is trying to shape the future of finance by sharing her tips on BTC and crypto. She is an investor who is also a blockchain expert. Sometimes she posts about her everyday life activities so you can see that her trade really pays off.

Juanita Robbins

Account Manager | Daytrader | Signal analyst | Bitcoin trader

Juanita has a rapidly growing following with more than 13k fans. She is also an account manager and a day trader. Her website is called Digittrades where you can buy her services protection and security.

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