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The Clubhouse App May Be the Next Major Social Media Platform


The Clubhouse App May Be the Next Major Social Media Platform

The Clubhouse App May Be the Next Major Social Media Platform

The Clubhouse App Might Be the Next Major Social Media Platform.

Have you heard people talking about Clubhouse App? Wondering why people are obsessed with this social platform and what it could mean for you?

In this article, I’ll explain what Clubhouse is and why it might become a breakout social platform. I’ll also share my experience and why I believe Clubhouse has staying power.

My First Time on Clubhouse

This app might be the ultimate gift born during the global pandemic of 2020.

It was on a Tuesday evening. Many people on Facebook was talking about this Clubhouse. I missed engaging with people.

Welcome to your next social media addiction: Clubhouse.

With topics ranging anywhere from “What’s the purpose of ghosting ” and “The Writers Journey” to “Building your Brand” and “The Darkroom: Building Community as Creatives of Color,” Clubhouseis the newest social app to get people talking. Literally. The audio-based app, which is still in beta-testing, allows users from across the globe to verbally interact in different chat rooms based on whatever topic is decided by the chat room’s moderators.  

The app is described by many as “if Twitter came to life,” and often feels like a multi-way call meets a podcast, meets a radio show. When you first launch the platform, you’re brought to your “hallway,” which is the app’s version of a timeline. In this hallway, you’ll find various virtual chat rooms that are currently going on that you can join. Once in, you can either remain in the “audience” or raise a hand, signaling that you have something to say. Once chosen as a speaker and pulled out of the audience pool by one of the room’s moderators, you will then have the ability to talk among the other speakers in the room. The app itself inhibits the possibility of multiple speakers talking at the same time (or at least tries to), and moderators, who are usually the hosts of the room and topic, have the ability to move speakers back to the audience, as well as completely mute and remove speakers from the chat.

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