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New Music: Lauren Sanderson-Shut em up

New Music: Lauren Sanderson-Shut em up

Self-made artist Lauren Sanderson has released another EP for fans to fall in love with.

The six-track album Don’t Panic taps into Sanderson’s musical abilities that landed her a record deal with Epic Records earlier this year. As her third EP, Don’t Panic showcases the soulful yet electrifying tunes you didn’t know you needed to hear.

Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Lauren was an inspirational speaker who spoke to parents about accepting their children. She then began exploring her creative interests through YouTube covers and short films, eventually releasing her first EP Center of Expression in 2016. The appreciation and love from her fans motivated Lauren to go on tour, which she documented online.

Don’t Panic begins with “Shut Them Up,” launching a big F-U to the people who are clouding her vision and only calling when they need something. Lauren naturally flows through the lyrics after a voicemail about not being M.I.A. plays in the beginning. “Nothing makes sense to me / You’re not my friend, you my enemy / All these mixed signals you sendin’ me.”

Sanderson has garnered the attention of many artists since she began releasing music. Russ, Bella Thorne, PnB Rock, and many more artists have all showed support for the newly incoming artist.

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