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The Queen of Hair Care, owner of “Just Because” Hair Salon- Carol Thomas.


The Queen of Hair Care, owner of “Just Because” Hair Salon- Carol Thomas.

The Queen of Hair Care, owner of “Just Because” Hair Salon- Carol Thomas.

Article by Gabriella Gomez

The Queen of Hair Care, owner of “Just Because” Hair Salon- Carol Thomas. Carol Thomas hair salon is based in Fort Greene, Brooklyn,NY has been known for her genius work as a natural hairstylist. Her love for hair care began in her friend’s salon, where she would occasionally go after work and help out but soon realized she enjoyed working with Hair. Her passion for hair care grew as she became an expert on all things natural hair.
After going through the natural hair journey herself, she became a living model for her clients as she shares her knowledge on how to best treat your hair and offers personalized consultations for her clients. With over 20 years of experience as a hairstylist, she decided it was best to start her own company, “Just Because Salon”, and has launched her hair products line, “ST. Charles” Hair Products, inspired by and named after her father.
Carol Thomas explains the scents for her hair products it’s like “Perfume for the Hair.” The “ST. Charles” Hair Products line ranges from $18- $40 dollars and has scents like, Roses and Bubble Gum. Beauty Within had the pleasure to interview Carol Thomas, who we like to call the “Hair Doctor”. In our interview, she states her hair company is “designed for natural hair women, but can also be used on relaxed hair and other textured hair.” Carol Thomas shares insight on her product line with its uses, tips, and how to achieve maximum nourishment for your natural hair.

Beauty Within: What inspired you to become a natural hair advocate?

Carol: I became a natural hair advocate, really by accident ….I was always a relaxer girl, I volunteered to be a model for a color educational class and after a few days I noticed my hair was breaking and was breaking very badly. I decided to do that chop and started to wear my hair in a natural style. Being a hairstylist my clients are attracted to the styles I wear, I am a walking billboard for my own clients; so they were then asking for natural hairstyles and recommending their friend for natural styles, and before I knew it we were now being called a natural hair salon.

Beauty Within: Can you share with us some of the techniques you use to grow and maintain natural hair?

Carol: First, we have to have a consultation to determine what’s going on with the scalp…. if the scalp is dry, itchy, or flaky, this will let me know how to treat the scalp properly. Then I check the hair, from touching the hair I can tell a lot of what is happening, sometimes I have to check by wetting hair at the sink to see how much shedding is taking place when the hair is wet. At times I must treat the hair and scalp before shampooing just to soften the hair enough before I can even start to shampoo. Scalp message is a MUST during the shampoo process and after conditioner is applied too. I use lots of leave-in conditioner, applied to the ends of the hair especially. I actually recommend a daily leave-in conditioner to my clients and regular trims are a must.

What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are working on now?

Carol: The most exciting project I am working on now is my very own natural hair care products named St. Charles. It is a very simple line, and I made it very simple to use. The line includes a Rebuilding Hair Mask, Destress Hair Lotion, Wellness Conditioner, Nightcap hair dress, OMG hair dress, and Cleansing Shampoo. The line is doing very well retailing in the salon, and I am working on getting it out to the public.
The De-Stress Hair Lotion is a co-wash, but it’s a leave in conditioning and actually because of the Aloe Vera and Rosemary component, it can help clean the scalp and you can use it as a daily moisturizing conditioner. “This can be used daily or as opting as you need it. You can apply this to the scalp area and you can use it on the hair as well. This is especially made for clients who have a flaky scalp and this can be used to control that.”

This is a special scalp and hair oil, moisturize and soothes dry hair and scalp. Apply to the roots of your hair. You can use it as a NightCap.“I recommend you use this at night on the scalp and on the hair. At night your hair drys out more than any other time during the day, so apply on the scalp, apply on the hair and use it to moisturize and nourish the hair while you sleep. But the good thing about it is that most of my clients are using it and find that if they have thinning edges and they apply this, they see that their edges are growing those hair folicles some TLC, hair often dries out at night, so nourish it while you rest with this  beauty product. For natural or relaxed hair, damaged hair, hair loss, dry hair or, itchy scalp. Apply this product  in scalp at night before bed or whenever you need to seal in some moisture.  naturl ingredient inclued Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado butter, Vitamin E oil, Grape seed oil, Rosemary oil, Silk Protein.

Another is the 811 oil. This is a special scalp and hair oil, moisturize and soothes dry hair and scalp. Apply to the roots of your hair.

I recommend using Rebuilding Hair Mask.

This is a powerful conditioning treatment by itself. Strengthen Hair Roots the best hair care, for Dry and Damaged hair.  Rebuild hair strands and add balance and moisture to your beautiful hair. You might have tried every hair care, beauty product and nothing is working, you are getting frustrated because your now seeing hair loss. It is time to try this  Rebuilding Hair Mask it’s  created just for you with natural ingredients. I recommend that you use it at night, before you sleep, if you are going to shampoo in the morning just so you are getting a maximum conditioning treatment. The products are all natural and they need some time to penetrate into the scalp and hair shaft. I recommend that you apply it and cover it with a plastic cap, sleep, then get up in the morning and do your shampooing. This is for strengthening, nourishing and for any situation your hair is going through, this will bring you hydration. Best use when its the night before wash day, or if you don’t have time for that, shampoo apply this on after, and let this sit for 30 – 45 mins under a dryer or hot towel.”

Wellness Conditioner

“This conditioner can be used for instance, if you were doing a double strand twist and you need a thicker leave in conditioner to twist. You can use this product to do that. It also has a dual use as your basic shampoo and conditioner where you would use and rinse.
Cleaning Shampoo
“What I do with my shampoo is that I mix oils and essential oils so it actually nourishes

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