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Socially Distance Valentine Ideas


Socially Distance Valentine Ideas

Socially Distance Valentine Ideas

Socially Distance Valentine Ideas

  • Valentine’s Day may look different during COVID-19.
  • There are still ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day safely despite the pandemic.
  • Decorating your space or taking a walk are festive ways to honor the day.

Chocolates, flowers, dinner, and dancing bring about memories of Valentine’s Days from the past.

But this year, the day of love may look different.

“Couples and singles are generally feeling overwhelmed, so V-day seems to be the farthest thing from their minds in many cases,”.

The stress of online fatigue, work, unemployment, managing homeschoolers, fear of getting sick, and more can do more than keep romance at a great distance. 

Prolonged stress can also take a toll on your mental and physical health.

“This wear on our bodies affects our moods and relationships. This doesn’t mean that relationships are suffering, but we may not be as focused on romance or sex, the themes we tend to associate with V-day.” 

In addition, restrictions on indoor dining and other forms of entertainment can make it challenging.

Change up your routine

Focus on breaking from your routine with your partner when celebrating Valentine’s day, says Lovell.

“It does not have to be drastic for it to be special,” he said.

For example, if you typically have dinner and go to a movie with your partner, switch it up by:

  • Having a dance party
  • Writing a sentimental note
  • Ordering flowers or chocolates
  • Playing a game 
  • Preparing a bath for or with your partner
  • Decorating your space with balloons or streamers

“The most important part of Valentine’s day and other holidays is to give your undivided attention to the moment 


Microwave some towels, light a few candles, and spring for a new massage oil.

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