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Sexy dance moves you love to do.


Sexy dance moves you love to do.

Sexy dance moves you love to do.

Sexy dance moves you love to do.

1. Get In The Mood

If you want to dance sexy, you have to be in the moment. 

You’re just not gonna look sexy if you’re thinking about your grocery list while you dance.

Before you get on your feet to start dancing, prep yourself by getting in your sexiest mindset by practicing some self-care!

Put on your best smokey eye, slip into that dress that makes you feel like a femme fatale, and take yourself out on a date for the night.

Rill Seductive, a dancer and designer teaches sexy dance moves with style.

2. All about Attitude

The sexiest dancers channel a unique personality that draws you into their performance.

But if you met those dancers in person, you might find that their real life personality is totally different!

Playing a character can help you lose yourself in the moment and avoid getting too hung up on the moves.

There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do it. Just decide what you think looks sexy to you, and then try stepping into that character.

If your attitude is playful, you might wink, use bouncier movements, and play with your hair while you dance.

If you’re more drawn to a fierce persona, practice your best “bad b*tch” face in the mirror.

As you get familiar with your sexy attitude , you’ll find yourself focusing less on your insecurities and more on having fun.

Master a Few Moves

Rather than trying to memorize a bunch of choreography, you wanna focus on learning a few singular moves that you can always count on.

They should be simple enough that they work with just about any sexy song, and basic enough that you can add variations to them to fit your sexy persona.

3. Practice Your Performance

If you want to look sexy while you dance, you have to practice performing for yourself.

The sexiest dancers end up looking so good because they’re not just doing dance moves… they’re putting on a show!

First, make a playlist of your favorite songs, and find a good place to practice. 

If you don’t have full length mirror already, check out this video to learn how to create your own little dance studio, right at home.

4. Commit to Your Sexiest Self

So, you’ve spent some time dancing in the mirror and you’re falling in love with your new sexy dance skills… so what comes after love?

Commitment! Lock it down boo! 

The final step to becoming a truly sexy dancer is being comfortable letting people witness you in all your glory.

For most people, this can seem like the toughest step, but think about this way:

At this point, you know you look good.

About the Seductress:

My name is Rill and I am a born dancer that’s trained in African, Belly dance, Caribbean, Samba, a Burlesque dancer and I created and teach ESS Erotic, Sensual & Seductive dance lesson. I created a service called Seductive Art. 

  • The key to embody to your femininity & sexuality is first you have to LOVE the skin your and I mean L O V E  when you look in the mirror naked and be able to say I Love everything I see about me. Then you come to my Seductive Art workshop (I’m also available for hire) and learn technique to being Seductive, Enticing, Alluring etc… with soft and dainty movement. Then we slowly transition in learning how to walk in heels, but first you have to learn how to walk in heels Correctly and we help with that (theirs  technique to walking in heels and walking and making it look effortlessly). Walk in heels is the first step into embracing your femininity & sexuality to be able to perform for your significant other. All women such have a Bewitching Bag it’s up to you…  your must haves in your Bewitching Bag is personal. For example: Wigs, Make Up, Condoms (just in case your dealing with new dick) lingerie, eye laces etc… It’s totally up to you. Most importantly: Ladies, you already posses sensuality for just being the gender of female but yet there’s truly and Art to being Seductive. Let me show you how with my service Seductive Art.- Rill  


Our mission is to empower women & men sexually
I’m an first time author the name of my book is called Quickie its seven short erotic stories
I’m also a Designer/Stylist/Fashion Consultant and the name of my brand is Rill Nice by Rill. My brand is Chic, Stylish, Fashion Forward & Sexy. However, I have Hoodies & Beanie which are unisex….. website 

For lessons virtually or Hire in New York Follow on Instagram @RillSeductive

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