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Pat Mcgrath Legend Behind Makeup


Pat Mcgrath Legend Behind Makeup

Pat Mcgrath Legend Behind Makeup

Pat Mcgrath Legend Behind Makeup

By Aiyana Ishmael


Pat Mcgrath is known as one of the most influential makeup artists in the world. She’s built a brand through her innovative ideas in regards to the makeup industry.


After working with magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and being a global creative-design director for Max Factor and Covergirl, Mcgrath decided to start her own line October 2015.


Mcgrath grew up interested in makeup after learning from her Mother. She worked with some of the best in the industry covering several different fashion weeks as their lead makeup artist. When she’s not slaying faces, Mcgrath managed to become a self-made billionaire. Her recent endeavour in her makeup line took her final stretch to make her a billionaire.


Mcgrath who originates from Northampton, England, to Jean Mcgrath. She was raised by her mother in a single household alongside her sister. Before going into makeup she worked as a receptionist to make money for herself. After many unpaid opportunities people realized the spectacular abilities of Mcgrath and then went on to lead the beauty world by storm.  


Mcgrath’s makeup line is all based on inclusivity, being that she’s a black woman she made sure to have range and colors for all shades.

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