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Marsai Martin 14 year old “Blackish”is the youngest movie producer


Marsai Martin 14 year old “Blackish”is the youngest movie producer

Marsai Martin 14 year old “Blackish”is the youngest movie producer

As the witty and bossy Diane on the hit sit-com “Black-ish,” Marsai Martin is a rising star. For a lot of child actors, fame and fortune would be enough, but it looks like Martin is after something bigger.

“I started to think about all those young little black girls that look like me [are] not really seen on TV a lot,” she said.

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She says she’s out to change the industry, and taking matters into her own hands. At just 14 years old, she is the face and co-founder (with a little help from her parents) of Genius Productions in Los Angeles.

“That’s the reason why I made this production company, so everyone could feel welcome,” she said, “just to create more films for everyone that’s very diverse and inclusive.”

You know that old saying about no matter how good you are at something, there’s always someone out there that’s better? Well, here to perfectly illustrate it is Black-ish star Marsai Martin.

In this case the “something” is life in general — because how many people can say they own their own company, are technically their parents’ boss, and are producing their own movie at the age of 14?

Martin is the executive producer of Little — a reimagining of the Tom Hanks film Big.

“I was watching it [Big] and that’s when I was thinking, what if we do this in like a modern perspective?” said Martin. “Give it a fresh take, and you know, make it more our time, and have it a female empowerment, all-black women cast.”

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