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Fenty Beauty’s NYC Pop Up Shop featuring New Moroccan Spice Collection


Fenty Beauty’s NYC Pop Up Shop featuring New Moroccan Spice Collection

Fenty Beauty’s NYC Pop Up Shop featuring New Moroccan Spice Collection

Fenty Beauty’s NYC Pop Up Shop featuring New Moroccan Spice Collection

By Aiyana Ishmael

Fenty Beauty held its first ever pop up shops all over New York City this past week, June 27th-29th.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna has made a huge impact since their launch back in September of 2017. Their inclusivity message through their immense selections of foundation have made them a hot commodity. Their recent buzz is all thanks to the new Moroccan Spice palette and ‘Cuz I’m Black’ flyliner that releases to the public July 6th.

Many excited customers arrived several hours before the event started hoping to be first in line. Some Fenty fans arrived as early as six thirty in the morning.

The Moroccan Spice palette includes sixteen vibrant shades meant to “spice” up your look. Anyone in attendance to the popup was able to try out the new palette, alongside the eyeliner. Several freelance makeup artists awaited while eager customers browsed the collection. Attendees were also able to purchase the popular Fenty Beauty foundation’s and lip colors.

The pop up was successful in introducing the new products to loyal fans. Seasoned Fenty customers were able to come out and purchase the new collection and restock up on their personal faves.

“My favorite product is the trophy wife highlighter,” said customer, Ashley Masse. “I’m excited to try out the new palette and flyliner.”

And alongside several talented makeup artists working the event, other Fenty influencers were also able to grab a spot working the pop up shop.

“So Basically my friend recommended me for the job, I had to do an interview,” said Fenty Pop-Up worker, Sahira Younas. “It was really cool, they told me congratulations and I started working the events.”

Fenty Beauty has made a huge impact in the makeup industry, making waves as an all inclusive beauty line. So, they made sure to include the best freelancers and influencers for their first ever pop up shop.

“We really wanted to hire people that are freelancers, but also represent the brand at its best, said Global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty, Hector Espinal. “People we’ve worked with in the industry or people that come from Sephora, which obviously is our sister brand.”

Fenty will also be hosting another series of pop up shops in the UK. The collection will be open to the public July 6th, and already favored by New Yorkers themselves, the new palette and flyliner is sure to be a hit.

“We believe everybody should always have no limit when it comes to the brand and overall any new collections,” said Espinal. “She wanted to create a pop up shop in different places in New York to show that everyone is welcomed.”


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