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Gel Strips Replacing Nail Salons


Gel Strips Replacing Nail Salons

Gel Strips Replacing Nail Salons

Gel Strips Replacing Nail Salons

Have you ever treated yourself to a manicure only for your nails to chip on the way home from the salon? If you’ve experienced this, it can feel like a big waste of both time and money. That’s why gel manicures are increasingly popular: Gel polish leaves behind a super glossy finish that stays intact for weeks — even after washing your hands or doing the dishes. Semi-cured nail wraps aren’t particularly new, but thanks to TikTok, they’re gaining popularity fast. The phrase “semi has an enormous 440.6 million views, while the hashtag #gelnailwraps has 202.4 million. As the name suggests, they’re nail wraps made from gel polish that has been semi-cured. They come in a pliable sticker wrap, meaning zero painting is involved; all you need to do is peel, stick and cure under UV light. If you love the glossy look of a gel manicure but have limited skill on the painting front, then this might just be your ideal solution.  

Where regular nail polish is painted and air dried, while gel polish needs to be “cured” with a UV or LED light. Whether you’re committed to DIY-ing your nails, or are trying to cut back on salon visits, achieving a salon-quality gel manicure is possible at home, all thanks to at home gel strips.

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The Fenails are perfect if…

  • You want to grow healthy nails
  • It’s not always possible to make it to the salon appointments
  • You’re tired of wasting money at the salon
  • You want pretty nails in the comfort of your home
  • You want something quick and easy to apply and last
  • You can travel with & not have outgrown nails abroad on holiday

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