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Black Owned Brand Sunny In Denbigh


Black Owned Brand Sunny In Denbigh

Black Owned Brand Sunny In Denbigh

Black Owned Brand Sunny in Denbigh

1. What inspired you to start Sunny in Denbigh and focus on natural hair care? My inspiration to start Sunny In Denbigh came from a need that I had to address in my own 2 daughters. My daughters both have Type 4 hair which had begun breaking off because I was using heat excessively to give the illusion of length and I simply just did not know which products to use for their texture. Some moms experience a lot of hair guilt around their daughters’ hair and simply not knowing how to take care of it. Finding the right products and techniques can go a long way in freeing ourselves. This is really what started my quest to develop natural products for them and in turn I also gained my confidence in my abilities as their hair started to grow and thrive. 

2. Can you tell us about the specific haircare you had for your own daughters that led to the creation of Sunny In Denbigh? 

The first product I “perfected” was our hair butter. And I know you’re thinking “perfecter”. Yes perfected! Our hair butter is the perfect product for curly hair to get length, retain moisture and repair damaged hair. When I got this product right everything changed as far as my girl’s hair health. Their hair got thicker, longer and was obviously thriving! Friends and family started asking what new products was I using as the difference was noticeable. Of course, not seeing the value in a product that would end up changing my life, I just said, “oh I’ve been using a little shea butter”. But that was only the base ingredient of this wonderful product. After the hair butter, I was encouraged to try making other products and before I knew it I had an entire haircare line and body butter just from experimenting in my kitchen. The ironic part when I think about it now, is these products are still our best sellers in our store today! 

3. How do Sunny In Denbigh products differ from other hair care products on the market? 

Our products here at Sunny In Denbigh differ from other products on the market because they are truly natural! Natural to the point where our deep conditioner has to be kept frozen or refrigerated. We also make and manufacture all our products ourselves, so we know exactly what’s in them and they made in small batches with love! We are a family owned and run business so you actually feel the love when you use your products. We love giving our customers that experience when they indulge in our hair and skincare products.

4. What ingredients do you use in your products, and how do they contribute to improving hair health? 

The ingredients used in our products are first, of the best quality and secondly specifically selected to resolve a particular condition or concern. We use cold pressed oils, natural healing butters like shea butter , cocoa butter, mango butter and coconut oil and we love natural herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils. When combined in the right way these ingredients provide powerful solutions for issues such as eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, alopecia, thinning, balding, breaking and even postpartum hair loss. 

5. Can you share some specific examples of how Sunny In Denbigh products have helped address hair conditions such as alopecia, thinning, balding, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or other concerns? 

We have had thousands of testimonials over the past 5 years of our customers (aka Sunflowers) who have resolved issues using our products. For starters, most notable is our Sunflower Luna who grew a full head of hair back after only a year of using our products! She was experiencing autoimmune hair loss and was on the verge of doing scalp injections when she purchased our intensive scalp oil as a last ditch effort to grow her hair back. We were not even aware that she was a customer until she started sending us updates and we were wowed by her transformation. We also have another Sunflower who is no longer with us as she lost her battle with cancer, but we met her daughter at a hair show while her mom was still doing chemotherapy. She purchased our intensive scalp oil after FaceTiming from our booth with her mom and would send us monthly progress pictures of her moms hair growing back even while undergoing chemotherapy. Thinning and balding is light work for our products, we achieve these results effortlessly on a daily basis. The first testimonial of seborrheic dermatitis is actually a personal one from my younger daughter, when she hit puberty we struggled for years with her scalp health and excessive sebum production. She had developed unsightly flakes and buildup and we did everything we could to control it without fail. When shampoos, creams, special drops and ointments failed, I did what I always do when in a crunch. I decided to make her something. It took a lot a tries to get it right, but when we did we had an entire community of people eager to try and have since resolved their own scalp issues! Our scalp bundle is unmatched and super effective for dry, itchy, flakey scalp. Our rich, nourishing body butters and home made soaps resolve eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis effortlessly! I think of all the babies and children who have gotten relief from skin issues using our butters and soaps and even adults like our Sunflower Brandy who is finally confident in her skin after years of struggling with eczema, and hiding her hands in public due to irritation and hyperpigmentation.

6. Can you share any success stories or testimonials from customers who have benefited from using Sunny In Denbigh products? 

We honestly have thousands hair and skincare testimonials alike! We have a testimonials page linked in our Instagram feed and you can also find unbiased testimonials listed under specific products on our website. 

7. How do you ensure that Sunny In Denbigh products are safe and non-toxic for customers? 

Well for starters we make and manufacture all these products in house at our warehouse facility. We use reputable vendors and source locally from other small businesses when possible. We can vouch for what’s in our products, as we are involved in the manufacturing progress from beginning to end. We pride ourselves on being natural, chemical free and simple with our ingredients. 

8. Are there any specific hair conditions or concerns that Sunny In Denbigh products are particularly effective in addressing? 

Yes our products are known to work well will issues such as alopecia, thinning, balding, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, dry skin, psoriasis, shedding, growth and moisture retention. 

9.. How has the brand evolved since its launch in 2019, and what are your plans for future growth? 

We have evolved so much! I am super proud of our growth and our ability to scale without disruption to our customer base. Our goal is simple, we just always want to get better year and year and we have done than. Achieving simple benchmarks like faster shipping, stellar customer service, consistent quality and building a powerful community of Sunflowers. We still have a ways to go, but you have to stop and honor the simple fact that we are getting better with each passing year. 

10. What sets Sunny In Denbigh apart from other natural hair care brands in the market? 

We are the best it’s really that simple, we’re just waiting for the world to take notice. Our customers will tell you and this is the reason they keep coming back. Our products are not

cheap, so it speaks volumes to have a customer come back month after month for 5 years in a row, especially in an industry where they is always a new and upcoming brand. Our customer retention rate is unmatched and we treat them like family. We allow them to drive what’s next for us as a brand, I think that’s pretty unique in our industry. 

11. How do you engage with and listen to your customers to continuously improve your products and meet their needs? 

We touch base with our Sunflowers daily. Whether through Instagram Live, stories, polls or DM’s I always know what they’re up to. I know who is pregnant, who got married or divorced, who is on vacation, who bought a house or got a new puppy. I am all in their business and nurture them accordingly. It’s truly a beautiful thing and I will never take that for granted. They tell us what to develop next and they let us know what products have multiple purposes or pairs best with what other product from our brand. Our customer base is honestly the only field research team that we will ever need.

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