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Breakout UK Artist Tia Carys


Breakout UK Artist Tia Carys

Breakout UK Artist Tia Carys

  • Breakout UK Artist Tia Carys
  • Carys is making space: she’s the rapper making music for the kids that don’t fit in.

British rapper Tia Carys has just dropped another song announcing her upcoming EP EnRoot, set to be released November 27. “Reflects In Mirrors” is an energetic track, that fuses hip-hop and R&B elements.

The song sees the rapper at her most reflective, detailing the complexities that often come with the end of relationships, life events and changes in the midst of one’s teenage years.

Born in Hayes, west London, at the turn of the millennium, Carys spent her first years unable to hear – taking in the world through sight, smell, taste, and touch alone. After an operation to restore her hearing, her mum encouraged her to take up dancing as way of improving her balance and boosting her confidence. She earned a scholarship to the Italia Conti Associates School in Ruislip, where she learned ballet, tap, jazz and more. But it was a hip hop dance teacher who sparked a deeper love of music in the young Carys.

Last year’s breakout single, ‘English X Ghana’, saw 20-year-old Carys explore her mixed-race identity, and connecting with her paternal Ghanaian heritage in the process. A forthcoming EP, titled En Root and due in autumn 2020, is a melange of rap, drill, and dembows and speaks directly to the challenges young people face growing up: everything from friendships and relationships, to self-harm, social media, and sexuality.

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