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Blue Beauty – It’s the newest wave of clean beauty.


Blue Beauty – It’s the newest wave of clean beauty.

Blue Beauty – It’s the newest wave of clean beauty.

Blue Beauty- It’s the newest wave of clean beauty.

The newest clean beauty trend to get on board with? Blue beauty.

Unlike other Beauty Trends, the Green beauty trend, Blue beauty has a very focused agenda on what it wants to help and how brands can work towards achieving the end goal.

What’s the difference between Blue Beauty and Green Beauty? 

Unlike green beauty, blue beauty isn’t just about using clean, sustainably sourced ingredients. It revolves around the impact packaging has on our marine life, as well as water wastage and limiting the damage we inflict on our oceans. 

‘They both play a crucial role in the fight against global nature loss and climate change.

It’s essential that we keep doing what we can for both beauty movements as ultimately everything has an effect in our environment. 

‘Clean beauty is generally equated to non-toxic beauty, as in non-toxic when being applied to our skin. But we need to think of what happens to the synthetic fragrance and silicones that are washed down the drain from our shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant, make-up – everything.

Why is the blue beauty movement gaining in importance?

The damaging impact of the beauty industry on the oceans:

o The use of coral reef-bleaching chemicals,

o Plastic packaging,

o Plastic microbeads.

Interview with makeup artist Alexandre Deslauriers coming soon.


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