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The New Norms Within The Beauty Industry.


The New Norms Within The Beauty Industry.

The New Norms Within The Beauty Industry.

The New Norms Within The Beauty Industry.
How the pandemic affected the beauty industry.

The coronavirus caused COVID-19 pandemic has changed the course of the world. No matter what corner you are at, which industry you work, it has affected them all. Beauty and makeup industry are not alien to it either. COVID-19 has severely hampered the import and export aspect of this industry. Moreover, with nowhere to go, people’s reliance on cosmetics have drastically reduced. This development was surprising given the minor impact and quick recovery from the 2008 recession. The beauty industry has always been a strong investment category. It is due to the provision of high margins, recurring purchase patterns, and general resistance to macroeconomic events such as recessions.

At a very young age, Alexandre was fascinated by lighting and loved to explore the different ways in which to manipulate it. He began by devoting himself to fashion photography, but quickly realized that in order to bring the image to another level, he would need to master the art of makeup. He thus passionately threw himself into this new art and his unique talent landed him in ​Milan​, for the world-famous ​Fashion Week and in​ Florence​ for the prestigious ​GUCCI fashion show.
At the age of 22, he worked as a photographer with his team in his very own 5000 ft2 studio. He then became an Art Director for advertising campaigns and album covers. Well known at this time for his artistic vision, he was then asked to be a lighting designer for shows at ​Montréal en Lumière​ and ​Divers/Cité.

At the age of 28, Alexandre became a beauty expert on television sets for ​TVA​, ​Radio-Canada and ​VTélé ​and also for magazines such as Vogue India​, ​Harper’s Bazaar​, ​Schön! ​Elle Canada, Elle Québec​, ​Dress to Kill​, ​Clin d’oeil​, Châtelaine​,​ ​and many more.
From 2015 to 2017, Alexandre traveled the world to do makeup for many famous models as well as artists such as ​M.I.A.​, ​Annie Murphy​, ​Serena Ryder, Arkells, Brett Kissel, Coleman Hell, Meghan Patrick, Ladyfag ​and ​Gigi Gorgeous​.

Beauty industry reboots 101

BW: Can you tell me about the colorful lashes trend.

Alexandre: This trend was before the pandemic. When you wear a mask you can still see your eyes. People will have to get creative on how they accessorize their eyes. It’s all about the eyes.The new ombre lash trend has just made the colored mascara look a little easier to play with, giving your eyelashes a splash of color without making it look like you’re reverting back to your third grade beauty looks.

BW: What have you been working on since Covid19?

Alexandre: Consultations with brands forecasting trends and talking to customers.  Mixing my expertise of wellness and beauty I help develop progressive products and marketing concepts to companies. I specialize in high quality products and presentations that capture a unique point of view to create excitement and exposure for any company. I study and research for future trends.

BW: How to keep makeup and tools clean amid the COVID-19 pandemic? With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the globe, it’s normal to be anxious about the idea of everyday items harbouring the virus. One such item? Beauty products. Yes, if like me, you’re feeling sheepish about your palettes, beauty blenders and mascaras (things we once enjoyed with Corona-less abandon).

Alexande: I am monitoring the global Covid-19 carefully. We are in Phase 2 here in Canada. It’s too early to quantify the exact impact. A few tips on how to keep makeup and tools clean amid the Covid-19.

Don’t go discarding or frantically dousing your beloved highlighters- there’s a right way and wrong way to disinfect and clean your tools.

The virus will not multiply outside the body, but it is able to survive on different materials for up to 3 days.”

“The materials it survived on for the longest period, 3 days, were plastic and stainless steel. The virus particles only survived for one day on cardboard. The virus is also able to survive in the air for up to 3 hours.

“For brushes and sponges, you can use soap and water, too. Once the suds are free of colour, rinse well and then let them dry out thoroughly. “

“For metal tools, you can also use soap and water, or alcohol. You could also use bottle sterilising solution.”


“Both alcohol and hydrogen peroxide have been shown to kill coronaviruses well,” Alexandre explains. Contrary to popular opinion, he tells me they do need to be used at concentrations of 62-71% alcohol or 0.5% hydrogen peroxide to kill microbes well. “Usually soap and water will do the job just as well.”

Buy enough brushes.

Redefine beauty in the 21st century.

BW Is it easy to find a foundation for Latino and black models?

Alexandre: I Researched the undertone. It’s how to Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade Match When You Have Dark Skin

The last years makeup brands have improved. In the past for darker complexions used mostly red undertones. Today there are more undertone colors. 

The various ones are Peach, olive and mustard yellow. I always carry a mustard yellow.

Black/Latino have to find the right undertone.

BW: As a woman of color with brown skin prone to hyperpigmentation, picking a good foundation is difficult: victory is uncertain, getting played is likely, and expectations are generally better than reality. Plus, mistakes are expensive — makeup will cost you coins. My first foundation was Fashion Fair product. Let’s just say I am so, so glad camera phones were not a thing back then because I looked horrible.

Alexandre: Determine your undertone

The best way I can explain it is that an undertone is like your skin’s personal Instagram filter…except it’s always there. Every complexion product therefore has to take that “filter” into account because its tint will affect which colors complement the skin. Undertones can have warm hues (gold, yellow), cool hues (red, pink, blue) or neutral hues (olive), and where they fall will influence which kinds of foundations one should gravitate towards. Still w

There are several ways to determine undertones. A popular method is to look at the color of one’s veins on the wrist; if they appear green, the skin’s undertone is golden or yellow, hence warm. If the veins instead appear blue, the skin’s undertone is pink or blue, hence cool. 

2. Finding the right shade

When it comes to shade, finding the right color can be annoying because the majority of brands don’t carry dark shades. When dark shades are available, there are many schools of thought when it comes to matching foundation; some people match shades to their face, some use their necks, chests, or even wrists. 

Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match

Find what works for you. 

Beauty artist, Alexandre Deslauriers wins Prestigious Canadian award!

(Toronto, June 24​ , 2020) ​–​ ​Last May saw the very first live and online edition of​ ABA​’s (Allied
Beauty Association) ​Beauty Under 40 awards​, a gala that aims to recognize and encourage the upcoming generation’s leaders and creators in the Canadian beauty industry.
Alexandre Deslauriers​, a well-known editorial makeup artist in Toronto’s artistic community, won the prestigious award in the ​Artistry ​category. A reward that salutes the talent of this beauty artist who has been traveling the world with his art for the past ten years.
A few public figures that have benefited from the artists expertise include ​Alex Nevsky​, ​Maripier Morin​, ​Rufus Wainwright.​ ​Maxim Roy, Jonathan Roy, ​and ​Mitsou, ​They had the chance to experience his avant-garde approach, always on the lookout for new ways to do things. They, in turn, applaud this trend-setter who constantly dares to take risks and redefines the conventions.

Today, with his customer’s, industry’s and ingredients knowledge, Alexandre regularly acts as a strategic consultant and speaker for international beauty conferences and with large cosmetic companies such as M.A.C., Burt’s Bee, MAKE UP FOR EVER, Clarins, VICHY and Mary Kay.

We can be proud of this beauty ambassador, this Canadian talent who is shining all over the world.

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