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SEPR Launches Barrière Masks


SEPR Launches Barrière Masks

SEPR Launches Barrière Masks

SEPR Launches Barrière Masks

The sustainable yet fashionable masks celebrities and influencers are wearing, barrière. Founded by Cleo Davis-Urman and Alexa Adams. Not only was Katie Holmes seen wearing a mask in NYC the other day, but Dua Lipa, Mena Harris, Irina Shaykh, Martha Hunt, Emma Roberts, Carolina Issa, Victor Cruz, and many more have also been seen in barrière. Two new paisley and floral patterns are launching next week in addition to two updates to tie-dye prints by end of March. 

Barrière masks are sustainable and the first company to offer premium FDA / CE certified medical grade face masks using exciting prints for women/men and kids – great for mommy and me moments (Mother’s Day?!)! In New York, customers can now drop off their used masks at their dedicated Terracycle dropbox to be recycled safely. The team has donated over 100,000 masks to families, teachers and healthcare workers in need. Barriere masks offer UPF 50+ (UPF protects against both UVA and UVB rays and offers comprehensive protection than SPF alone).

Barrière came to life through lockdown last year. Co-founder Cleo Davis-Urman, previously of Saks Fifth Avenue,  started to create and sell fashionable cloth masks for friends and industry colleagues then donating proceeds to local charities and healthcare organizations. While demand was high, she needed to find a solution to create a more effective barrier against COVID-19. Cleo and Co-founder Alexa Adams then merged to form barrière to produce FDA / CE certified medical grade face masks. Every mask is made sustainably from recycled material and is designed to offer excellent breathability, comfort, and >95% bacterial filtration efficiency for the highest level of safety and protection. With our trustworthy products, you can step back into routines without fear or discomfort and with a style that expresses who you are without compromise.

Masks/ Skin Benefits

  • FDA Approved 
  • Masks are constructed from hypoallergenic materials suitable for sensitive skin, and have an ultra-soft interior lining that eliminates maskne
  • Masks offer UPF 50+ (UPF protects against both UVA and UVB rays and offers comprehensive protection than SPF alone)
  • Endorsed by dermatologists/ makeup artists including Bobbi Brown, Daniel Martin, Barbara Sturm 

Retail Partners include Bergdorfs / Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Four Seasons, Equinox, Intermix, Walmart, and Onda Beauty

Price Range: $18 – $48

Affiliate Partner: Rakuten 

Terracycle Dropbox Location: 87 Richardson Street, Ground Floor, Brooklyn, NY 

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