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Designer Edwing D’Angelo Dresses New York City Council


Designer Edwing D’Angelo Dresses New York City Council

Designer Edwing D’Angelo Dresses New York City Council

Designer Edwing D’Angelo Dresses New York City Council

Speaker Adrienne Eadie Adams for the Met Gala 2024

Met Gala Inspiration: Reawakening Elegance: A Tribute to the Harlem Renaissance

New York City, May 7, 2024 — Harlem-based fashion designer Edwing D’Angelo is pleased to

confirm the successful collaboration with New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Eadie Adams,

where he had the honor of dressing her for this prestigious Met Gala 2024, on Monday, May 6th, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The Met Gala, renowned as an annual

fundraising event benefiting The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. This year’s Met Gala theme, “The Garden of Time,” draws inspiration from J.D. Ballard’s enchanting tale and the Costume Institute’s exhibit “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” D’Angelo envisioned an ensemble for Speaker Adams that encapsulates the ethereal elegance of a Palladian villa’s enchanted garden, with lush hues of tulip hues and the delicate translucence of petals.

Drawing from Ballard’s story, where time is manipulated and flowers bloom with translucent leaves, the gown features clear buttons symbolizing these delicate leaves, exuding an uber-elegance befitting a regal castle and the garments of that time. In homage to the MET’s exhibit exploring the reawakening of fashion, D’Angelo pays tribute to the Harlem Renaissance, connecting an era of unparalleled style, where Black women of Sugar Hill epitomized timeless elegance, serving as the foundation for Speaker Adams’ attire.

Known for his iconic, impeccable craftsmanship and innovative designs, D’Angelo was honored to dress Speaker Adams for this groundbreaking occasion.

“Seeing my ensemble worn by New York City Council Speaker, Adrienne Adams, on the Met Gala carpet has reignited my inspiration for my creative journey,” said Edwing D’Angelo. “Fashion is a vibrant community with a responsibility to create a better world. Today, doubts have been silenced, opening doors to new opportunities and validation. I extend my deepest gratitude to Speaker Adams, Robbie Welch, my incredible team, and all who made last night truly magical.”

“I was honored to attend the Met Gala in an original design by Edwing D’Angelo, an artist who

represents the bold creativity, strength, and brilliance of New York City,” said New York City

Council Speaker Adrienne Adams. “World-class talent exists all around us in our diverse

communities, and it’s important that we support local creatives and invest in opportunities for them to thrive. I was proud to wear Edwing’s design and show off the vibrancy and innovation of Harlem on a global stage.”

Gown Description: The Tulip colored ensemble features a bold statement coronation floor-length

oversized puff sleeves silk taffeta cape, opera jacket with cascading bow, and hand-made

appliqué. This design celebrates timeless craftsmanship, but also challenges the disposable nature of modern fashion. By incorporating bows reminiscent of Harlem and Parisian couture, it honors the fusion of cultures and individual expression that defined that era. Exquisite rose gold jewelry by award-winning designer Eddie Borgo, further elevated the look.

In essence, this ensemble is a tribute to the enduring allure of timeless fashion. It’s a reminder that true elegance transcends trends and empowers women to embrace their individuality. Navigating this journey of reawakening, it pays homage to the legacy of the Harlem Renaissance and embraces the beauty of fashion that stands the test of time.

Speaker Adams’ final look was the collaboration of a dedicated style team, that included these talented individuals; Veteran Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Memsor Kamarake, 2X Emmy Nominated Make-up Artist, Rodney Jon, and Celebrity Hairstylist, Keith Omar Neal.

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