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Cardi B Knows Her Politics. She Will Dog Walk You, If You Come For Her.

Cardi B Knows Her Politics. She Will Dog Walk You, If You Come For Her.

Cardi B is well known for her rigor in political science, her fandom of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and her keen interest in current events. She is also known for not suffering fools and, over the last couple of days, has had to educate some unfortunate people who have come for her regarding her political cognizance. Poor babies.

It started last week, when Cardi released an Instagram video that made such salient points about the government shutdown several Democratic Senators had public Twitter conversations about whether to share it. (They ultimately declined because of her cursing, but implicitly endorsed it nonetheless.) After insistent rap fan Tomi Lahren tweeted sarcastically that Cardi was the “latest genius political mind to endorse the Democrats” despite knowing that she probably gets her life to Cardi’s music, on Sunday Cardi retorted in kind:Outstream Video

WORLDSTAR!!!! Lahren came back for more, calling Cardi “moronic,” which led, sadly, to Lahren getting burnt yet again:

Still, Cardi felt it necessary to explain on an Instagram Live Sunday night that she is genuinely interested in history and politics, subjects in which she was Advanced Placement in high school. “It wasn’t studying to me, it was like a passion because I love to read about American history,” she said. “I like to know about politicians, I like to know how everything is getting ran… I went to college for this shit. It really gets me upset when people be like, oh, you’re dumb. I’m not dumb at this shit!” She then explained that in her free time, she researches and reads about world political history; most recently she learned about North Korea, and already seems to know exponentially more than the pork roll currently running the country.

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