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A breakdown of Cardi B looks in “Up” video


A breakdown of Cardi B looks in “Up” video

A breakdown of Cardi B looks in “Up” video

A breakdown of Cardi B looks in “Up” video.

Shortly after Cardi Bs music video “Up” dropped on YouTube, her stylist Kollin Carter took to Instagram Live to gauge people’s reactions to the looks. “The outfits weren’t really about fashion,” he declared. “It was more about the looks being sexy.”

But despite there not being any major luxury brands among the fashion credits, the looks nonetheless captured Cardi’s provocative style approach and penchant for statement pieces. “I’ve had so many sleepless nights getting the looks in order,” he shared in the video. As such, each outfit was carefully put together from a variety of emerging and custom-order brands.

Let’s break down her dazzling looks, most of which are based around a central corset. The outfits appear to be custom for the video, but Cardi and stylist Kollin Carter chose to spotlight plenty of indie designers of color.

First, Cardi stands resolutely atop the graves of 2020, symbolized by a sleazy Lothario and a tomb labeled “STUCK.” Yes, we all felt stuck last year. She’s wearing her favorite red bottom Louboutin shoes with back seam stockings, a corset dripping in crystals by Abraham D. Levy (a particular favorite of Drag Race alumni), and a hat covered in black roses by Sarah Sokol Millinery and earrings by Lillian Shalom. Vintage lingerie meets funeral garb? That is a whole 2020 mood.

Recalling the 80s hip-hop scene in New York, Cardi and her posse dance in a pink paradise.  Cardi donned a custom powder blue velour cone bra and matching lace-up hot pants by Rey Ortiz. Many users saw references to the Jean Paul Gaultier corset made famous by Madonna.

Next, Cardi channels a glam goddess in a flowing white gown by Franceso Murano. The gloves outfitted with dagger nails are a signature Cardi touch. The crystal neckpiece is by Laurel DeWitt AKA the “The Queen of Chain & Metal.”

The crystal neckpiece is by Laurel DeWitt AKA the “The Queen of Chain & Metal.”

Channeling Left Eye from TLC and Janet Jackson video “What’s it gonna be” with Busta Rhymes. Cardi and her dancers go 2000s futuristic bondage for this dance number. She’s wearing a custom corset by Bryan Hearns, while the dancers slayed in RXCH.

Of course, for all those that love hair and beauty, we can’t remiss without noting this wig by Tokyo Stylez. The doll heads actually sing backup vocals, but it’s so campy that it blessedly avoids being nightmare fodder.

For the single’s cover art, Cardi wore a custom plastic and crystal look by Laurel DeWitt.

Photos via YouTube

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