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New Kellogg’s bar in nyc


New Kellogg’s bar in nyc

New Kellogg’s bar in nyc


NEW YORK — With sales that have turned soggy, cereal makers are trying to salvage the breakfast bowl’s bruised reputation. These innovations come at a crucial time. Cereal sales have been down the past four years, falling 2.4% since 2012, according to Nielsen. As customers’ lives have gotten busier and more reliant on grab-and-go food, cereal has been squeezed out of morning routines.

Building restaurant-like experiences around cereal has proved to be a popular concept. Beyond Milk Bar, London’s Cereal Killer Cafe boasts both American and international cereal varieties. Trendy New York-based retailer KITH opened a cereal bar inside its Brooklyn store last summer. Customers go there to channel their inner child by choosing between 25 different kinds of cereal and pairing bowls with sweet toppings like crushed Oreos or ordering an ice cream mixed with cereal.

Cereal invokes a certain nostalgia about childhood and sleepy mornings spent slurping up the milk after devouring a bowl of Cocoa Puffs.

“Cereal is so part of our pop culture in the developed world,” he says. “It really is an emotional category.”

o (1)Peppermint Patty Sundae ($8.50)

o (2)Peppermint Patty Sundae ($8.50)

o (3)Odd Fellows Strawberry Pop Tart Sundae ($8.50)


Cereal junkies will soon be able to get their fix all day — with some sophisticated add-ons like herbs and seasoning — for nearly $8 a bowl at a new eatery about to open in Times Square.

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