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Hard to believe. Penis-Themed Nail Art.


Hard to believe. Penis-Themed Nail Art.

Hard to believe. Penis-Themed Nail Art.

Folks Are Having a Field Day Over This Penis-Themed Nail Art

Courtesy of Instagram/@heynicenails

Look, it’s definitely not every day that you see a dick-themed manicure. So when several photos of penis nail art (yes, that did feel weird writing!) started popping up on my Instagram explore page, I simply had to know more. A few emails later and I have the whole backstory — and trust me, it’s not what you would expect. It’s not a funny joke between friends or the work of someone who specializes in sexual nail art (is that even a thing?) but rather, a social worker’s silly way of distracting her clients who are HIV positive and dealing with homelessness.

The social worker’s name is Heather Hampton, and sure enough, if you scroll through her feed, you’ll find an array of different dick-themed manicures, including ones with flowers sprouting from the penis tips, one with cacti designed to look like dicks, and even hot dog version. I know, I know: It’s almost too much to handle.

Turns out, Hampton’s cheeky manicures are really helping people though. When I reached out to Donne Geer — aka the artist behind the dick art and one half of the Hey, Nice Nails! account on Instagram — she explained her client’s work situation and said it’s served as a “fun distraction” for everyone involved. “They’re able to joke around with Heather about it and make a hard situation feel a little lighter,” she says

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