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Black Fashion Matters virtual fashion show closed NYFW


Black Fashion Matters virtual fashion show closed NYFW

Black Fashion Matters virtual fashion show closed NYFW

Black Fashion Matters virtual fashion show closed NYFW

Black Fashion Matters Announces Fashion Virtual Showcase

 Following New York Fashion Week.  The livestream September 17 marks the first time Black Fashion Matters presents a  virtual fashion show.

Black Fashion Matters launched its first Fashion Virtual Showcase that ended New York Fashion Week.

Black Lives Matter is a movement that marked this year and motivated all of us to do better. The movement extended onto all kinds of spheres of life and inspired people to be more inclusive in their professions, hobbies, and private lives. Black Fashion Matters launched a fashion event this year in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement.
This very special event was created to celebrate black fashion designers, beauty brands, and businesses. It was truly refreshing to be part of an event that celebrated diversity and gave the platform to some inspiring black people. Thanks to the positive energy and commitment, this event was truly

Douglas Says was one of the designers presented at the event. He is known for creating stylish, sexy, and modern silhouettes using stretch fabrics. His styles cater to different body shapes and help everyone feel confident and classy in their own body. The designs he presented at the event featured the use of bold colors and intricate cuts that accentuate the body shape.

Glam King
After working as a hairstylist in New Jersey, Glam King decided to branch out and create a fashion line for extravagant nights out. His bold designs are definitely glamorous and represent deconstructed silhouettes that tell a story. The use of tulle and feathers, makes his looks stand out. Stunning fashion designs matched with gorgeous hairstyles helped Glam King stand out.

Franklin Rowe is an American fashion designer. The mix of African and
European influences are present throughout his work. Franklin also has
experience in working as a celebrity designer. His designs were worn by Taye Diggs, Mary J. Blige, Grace Jones, Dionne Warwick, Queen Latifah, among others. The sleek silhouettes, draped fabric, and use of white, black, and silver were prominent throughout the designs he presented at the event. Male designs also supported the modernistic approach to design and the use of color-blocking.

Accessory designer Etu Evans is often referred to as the “Prince of Luxe”. He has his own international company Etu Evans, LLC which specializes in luxury accessories, footwear, and interior design. The accessories he presented at the event used gold and black to portray the feeling of luxury, while various textures and patterns helped the accessories to stand out.

This live stream event is especially important in this day in time as we are facing systemic racism. Fashion is supposed to be the means of expression and a profession that connects people of different ethnicities and backgrounds.
Rochester the publisher of Beauty Within magazine hopes to inspire unity within the fashion community and this event truly showed us that this is possible.
However, holding this event wouldn’t be possible without sponsors that supported the vision of the event. Brooklyn Winery, The Wright Bite tasty treats, Breukelen Rub seasoning, Trend Beauty HSQ makeup, and Miracle Butter hair product made Black Fashion Matters possible. While the photographer Wizkid nation captured truly revolutionary moments.

Brooklyn Winery
The Wright Bite
Miracle Buttercream
Breukelen Rub


Special thanks to Cheri Glover Event Coordinator, DJ Ocross, and the models for making this event possible. Images by Fresh Kid Nation.

DJ Ocross
VIP Guest

Founder Anissa Rochester and Etu Evans.


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